the line that’s impossible to understand in El Scorcho: watching grunge leg drop new jack thru a press table…

neighbor josh always wins at monopoly. i’ve played with him 4 times. he’s 4-0. we always play with at least 3 people and if we’re in the mood for a really long game then we go with 4. i qualified for the canadian national championship of monopoly but alas, i am not truly canadian. now i have to wait til 2007 til the US championships come around again.

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Author: thephonewasmadeofjelly

reviving xanga thru wordpress (2002-the present).

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  1. You see Steve, Grunge refers to Johnny Grunge of the tag team Public Enemy, which also featured a Mr. Rocco Rock. One of them is now dead, but I forget which one. And New Jack refers New Jack of the tag team the Gangstas, which also featured a crazy fellow by the name of Mustafa. Their’s was a very heated rivalry in the old Philadelphia rasslin’ staple that was ECW, which I adored when I was younger and while it was still around. I even saw it once in York. I have a t-shirt of the one guy, Tommy Dreamer, and a autograph of another guy, Taz. The once sacredness, to a young boy, of rasslin’. For the record, it was more likely that New Jack would leg drop Grunge through a press table. Public Enemy sucked Steve, fake or not.
    P.S. Nice picture.


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