why do people who entertain us become more important than those who produce our necessities? last summer i worked on a photo shoot for cyndi lauper. she was very arrogant, as if she was important. think about it – how important is cyndi lauper to society? she’s not. at her best she was someone who made a lot of money cause she could produce music people liked. liked is the key word.

now, take a farmer. he produces something people need. yet to people like cyndi lauper, the famer is a no one, even though without him she could not even live. she lives in midtown manhattan complaining about not having enough starbucks coffee on a photo shoot, while the farmer struggles to get by. it’s ridiculous that the mass public make people like her important when in reality she does nothing for them; especially when the people who do struggle every single day of their lives.


Author: thephonewasmadeofjelly

reviving xanga thru wordpress (2002-the present).

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  1. I understand what you were getting at, but I think in your anger your thought process lost a little of its coherence or just got cut short. Besides Steve, everyone knows the best thing Cyndi Lauper ever did was make a video with the Captain Lou Albano. Remember the Super Brothers tv show. “Everybody c’mon, do the Mario!”Absolutely classic Steve.P.S. I’ll be quietly rooting for your beloved Bucs all season long. Only quietly, because I have my own teams to somewhat audibly cheer for. I mean, how can the O’s compete with the Yanks and the Sawks. And the ‘pos? It’s a sad party Steve. But I guess I’m preaching to the choir, huh?There’s still basketball…Have faith in your Pacers.


  2. hehe. i agree, in fact, about a year ago somewhere on my xanga.. i made a post similar to this.. abotu janitors, farmers.. and all those people .. who just should be the celebrities..
    support your local organic farmers.. hehe
    much love, will


  3. One of my friends from college interned for Barbara Walter…on her pretentious interview things. There was a problem with her chair or something, and they had to take it away to fix it, offstage. But she refused to get up because she’s a withered old rag. So they had to MOVE THE CHAIR OFF WITH HER IN IT. She sucks.


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