what a fantastic song. jason martin never ceases to amaze me. with a capital z. i know this is starflyer’s oldest album, but it resonates so clearly. if you haven’t heard starflyer’s cover of sin for a season you definately need to. get on kazaa and download it right now. now. i mean that song takes me back to the winter of 1999 (and that was a long time ago). i like when  you hear a song and are instantly transported into another place and another time. i can still see myself in my light-green long-sleeved long john shirt bouncing away to this song before work on a december morning back when we were all scared of the y2k bug and all; the dufus who caused all that ruckus. capital r. remember how large corporations were spending millions to have their computer data bases recoded just to fix that “dern” little thing that never made the havoc they said it would? all for some foolishness. a lot of us bought into it though – we had stockpiled gallons and gallons of water in our garage and stocked the freezer. they were telling us the power would be out for weeks, maybe months; it was insane.

did you know there is at least 33 years worth of oil in alaska that we cannot touch because of the envirionmental groups? that would lessen prices and weaken our dependance on foreign oil while we built up hydrogen transportation – so when you have to pay $1.749 a gallon thank your local envirionmenalist. and the democrats for pandering to them.



Author: thephonewasmadeofjelly

reviving xanga thru wordpress (2002-the present).

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  1. Sin for a season, originally was a steve taylor song, who was my favorite singer for a long time and i got all the albums. Starflyers version of that song makes me dizzy with excitement. It brings fond memories back to me as well.
    Jason martin is a genuis. do you know any info on the red orchestra/travelogue/plastiq musiq show that is supposedly somewhere in lancaster this week?
    How much would you charge just for the photo?
    i really don’t have much $. and that is the honest truth.. so i am not really buying stuff.. its just too cool though ya know.
    you have talent. =)
    bless you


  2. i think i need to wait for while. I don’t actually have too much $$ right now. Please don’t be offended… i do think that your photos are worth it. totally worth it.
    I am just to broke..
    but in the near future.. yes.. in the future.. when things are better..  i will most likely be interested in something..  because i always enjoyh the photos you put up on xanga.
    thank you!


  3. Well you know we have those poor helpless reindeer, and caribou, and if we drilled for oil we would certainly kill them and destroy your habitat. blah blah blah…puke!!
    Actually in other artic areas where oil pipes were built, the local fauna actually gathered around them because of the warmth.


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