let me roll my eyes again at the moronic democratic nominee: http://www.newsmax.com/archives/ic/2004/4/21/112339.shtml

last night: mack the coffeman… erg, movies with heroes show at the futon building. don’t get me wrong, the show was fun and movies was entertaining…. their new guitarist, chinema, is fantabulous. keith’s gotten a little more emo than i like. they didnt play a song i knew, and i do love my light pours through. tyler speaks for me can keep speaking for him and not me. they were pretty awful. let’s all do our best saves the day, newfoundglory, good charlotte emo-pop rockstar voice and call friends in the crowd a dick and then complain on the phone after the show about getting your eqipment packed up – doing all that will make you cool. oh, how could i forget saying f*** something during one of the songs and throwing down a cool middle finger – if i could only be that hardcore – and not in the sense of the music genre. i guess i’m complaining a lot but that band rubbed my unshaven stubbley face the wrong way. man alive (the 2nd band to play) was probably the most talented even though their drummer spoke only hebrew (altho i have no idea what that has to do with talent as i just implied) – and i got an in-depth explanation from carina why they fit into the “mainstream” genre. afterwards we went to the burrito shop 5 minuts before it closed, got nachos, and heard an awesome live version of mack’s the bomb. all in all, i had fun.

in other news, it’s official: i’m a coffee snob. after more than a month of boycotting the bean – for my heart’s sake – i’m back in action, but with a more refined taste. a cup of 7eleven coffee barely goes down as i plead for my own beans from taz… turkey hill tastes like piss in a cup and i dream of lane’s square one brew….

call me what you like…. i’ll call myself the afictionado.


what a fantastic song. jason martin never ceases to amaze me. with a capital z. i know this is starflyer’s oldest album, but it resonates so clearly. if you haven’t heard starflyer’s cover of sin for a season you definately need to. get on kazaa and download it right now. now. i mean that song takes me back to the winter of 1999 (and that was a long time ago). i like when  you hear a song and are instantly transported into another place and another time. i can still see myself in my light-green long-sleeved long john shirt bouncing away to this song before work on a december morning back when we were all scared of the y2k bug and all; the dufus who caused all that ruckus. capital r. remember how large corporations were spending millions to have their computer data bases recoded just to fix that “dern” little thing that never made the havoc they said it would? all for some foolishness. a lot of us bought into it though – we had stockpiled gallons and gallons of water in our garage and stocked the freezer. they were telling us the power would be out for weeks, maybe months; it was insane.

did you know there is at least 33 years worth of oil in alaska that we cannot touch because of the envirionmental groups? that would lessen prices and weaken our dependance on foreign oil while we built up hydrogen transportation – so when you have to pay $1.749 a gallon thank your local envirionmenalist. and the democrats for pandering to them.


my comments yesterday probably sounded communistic. i do not advocate communism at all. those who farm have just as much “ability” to make their fortune as those who entertain; although those who are born rich are more likely to remain rich. regardless, it was simply a post on the idiocy of the mass public to put such weight on such worthless people.

i am guilty too. my entertainment is sports. during a game, i put more stock in a reggie miller 3 pointer than most things that bear much more importance; like my family.