so we had this cat. and it was annoying. so one day i threw it in the snow so that it would stop it from being annoying, but apparently that did not work:

a few weeks ago the cat got run over by a car.

only 36 days left until the days begin to get shorter. it’s been that quick. that means summer is almost over. but of course, that is a pessimistic view on the time frame of summer. i shouldn’t act so pretentiously; instead, this week we’ll have a botox party.



Author: thephonewasmadeofjelly

reviving xanga thru wordpress (2002-the present).

3 thoughts on “”

  1. I forget where I was, but my mother drove me home. The streets went up the walls, but I was used to it. Though we intended to go home, we ended up going through the park which was connected to the Park City basement. Upon my arrival, my mother was gone. But there was an Indian girl and it was then that I remembered I had come here to search for the the Four Gods of the mall. The concrete, v-shaped slab in my hand was some kind of relic, related to the Gods. It was supposed to be fifty pounds but seemed weightless as I carried it. We wandered through the mall which, when I thought about it, seemed to be more like a Moroccan bazaar. She was intent on locating the Four Gods, but I for some reason was more concerned about video games and comic books. I found this to be very odd, as I had lost interest in those things awhile ago. We pushed forward. I then ran into a girl I used to know. It was Jacy Caroll(?). But…it wasn’t her. She wasn’t her usual ‘fashionable’ self and it didn’t even look like her. Not really. She said we should hang out. She mentioned the upcoming Pedro show. I said I was going. She replied “It should be great.”I said that the Braid show would be better. I joined back up with the Indian girl to continue our quest in another wing of the mall.I’m back home, but it’s not really home. A lot of full length glass windows. Across the alley I see some thuggish looking guys making their way toward my house to rob me. However, they lose interest in the idea and turn around.”Hey.”My ‘neighbor’ greets me. I think it’s someone else. I respond”Fuck you.”I realize I was mistaken. It was Dave Schrott, but it wasn’t him either. It was actually a co-worker. I apologize and he says it’s okay.I’m at work, but it’s not really work. It’s like a big warehouse. I’m not working though. Me and Randy Duncan just happen to be there. Some woman ask me where the boneless skinless chicken breasts are. I point them out to her, but they’re not there. She gets upset and asks someone else. It’s my ‘neighbor’ that hands her the cheese that should really wanted. He’s not the same person from earlier, at least as far as I’m concerned. I hate this version of him. Me and Randy move on. Back to the search for the Four Gods.I wake up. I have to get ready for work.Dreams sure are weird, huh?P.S. Steve, the summer doesn’t officially start for thirty five more days.


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