the heat and/or the hornets are looking scary. beware reggie, jermaine and ron.

i found all these old photos of myself from when i was really little. then i found one from after my Jr year of HS. i had a mad six pack. then i went to college. man. no good.

i was listening to nirvana with my brother this morning and then i said that sometimes i wished i was born in 1970 cause then i woulda gotten to see them live. or maybe not. maybe i woulda liked rap, but at least i would have had the opportunity to see them.

but then again, i have had the opportunity to do alot of things and i havent. like see the pumpkins on their farewell tour and eat slugs and frogs in france.


up and coming photographer josh pranckun

this song brings back the good times: creation 2000 et al. for a band from a bible college in southern cal, the music itself is pretty “dern” good and with well written lyrics:

“humanity sees truth thru shattered window paines, block the view, plant the seed, so we draw the curtains to a close and i say ‘the sun can still shine behind a closed mind and sticks and stones do hurt when thrown from the tongue of mankind’…”