my girlfriend is great. 🙂



contrary to popular belief, david is not dying. well if by dying you mean in the sense that every one who’s ever lived began dying the moment they were conceived, then yes i am dying, but otherwise, no life threatening illness has buried its root in my body…that i know of.

ok so i used to type here a lot and then i didnt and then i did, and now i don’t. so i wonder if that makes me boring but then i realize, why would typing on this thing make me interesting? chances are, the more im typing here, and the more time i spend in front of a computer, the more boring and lame i am. it’s nice to have mostly cut out extended periods of computer usage out. they’re a waste of life.



news on david’s irregular heart:

went to the doctor today and had an EKG. “how fun!” says my checkbook. the doctor says that i have some “extra beats” that my heart is throwing down. this is something that has been getting progressively more intense since september and particularly february. they took some blood for blood tests and said that it could be something as simple as too much sodium in my system or something more complex like a hyper active thyroid. next week i have to have a heart monitor attatched to me for 24 hours to record the rhythms of my heart. for those 24 hours i can’t shower. miserable.