i just woke up. then i yawned. when i yawned, i drooled.


the shoot for philly mag was simple today. it wasnt anything i could do
in “my own style” but thats ok cause i’m getting paid for it. i think
about $600. not bad for 2 rolls of film and 4 hours of work.


October’s Anthem

… so when i met with keith (from movies with heroes) on saturday, he was wearing a shirt that had george bush’s face on it. next to his face it said “not my president”.  maybe keith did not vote for gwb, maybe he did and he doesn’t like his policy. but i still think that gwb is his president. … growing up i had this stigma in my head that “one cannot be a christian and a democrat – they cannot necessarily follow”. i think that is still partly there, hidden in my mind somewhere.

Superpowers in the Four Corners

remember mack, the coffeeman? well they’ve turned into movies with heroes
and i’m photographing them next sunday in the old lancaster futon
building. I am sure it will be fun and i hope to get some great
portfolio shots out of it. meanwhile i just got up from a two hour nap
and carina is
sleeping still. she likes sleep. i am also meeting up with mewithoutyou
next sunday to see if they’d like to have me photograph them. thanks marcus.

no music currently cause carina’s sleeping on the floor!