theyre saying it may reach 60 degrees over the weekend. how lovely
would that be? playing monopoly tonight, and perhaps new year’s eve.
havent played monopoly in a while – it’ll be good to get back in the
swing. now that i can drink coffee in small doses, i should probably
get a coffe maker for my apartment. mmm. coffee and monopoly – all we
need here is insomnia cookies. those were the days…

carina’s coming tomorrow. we’re going to NYC on monday to see the meatyard exhibit at the ICP: (press release here) . he’s only my favorite photographer, ever. i cant wait to see the exhibit. we may drop in and visit rodney too.


christmas eve: got the seinfeld dvds from carina AND an octapus head massager !!! she’s my best friend in the world.

we also had filet for supper and it was amazing. mine was definately still bleeding and oh man it was oh-so-amazing. i like good food.

i am also faced with tough decisions…


:: we look back and forth just waiting for a phone call ::

i turn this song on and my mind instantly jumps to 1999
(december).  i’m back in my dormroom, 622 VanR. depressed and sad,
but back then i loved my sadness, so i was in good company. thrown into
a world full of confusion
and despair, regret was everywhere. what could i have done to keep this
situation from being what it has become?  oh to be 19 and
o-so-immature again….

i did find love at 22.

i’m only human, got no other reason….