dear steve,
since i can’t leave comments on your xanga, i’ll write to you here.
here is the thing with coheed. when i first listened to them, i was not
interested. then i gave them a second chance and i began to warm up to
them. then i went to a concert and it was a ton of fun. i listened to
the second stage turbine blade a lot. then the new album came out
sometime last year. in keeping secrets of silent earth:3. talk about a
pretentious title. well, the music just sucked. i think i put it on the
same level as yellowcard, newfound glory, blink 182, etc.  so now
i no longer like them. i still like the first album, but i cant take
anymore of htat new one. they lost anything good they had.

furthermore, what bothers me most about many of these comments
is that we’ve known mlb players use roids for a few years. it’s not
some big surprise. according to a espn poll 93% of fans say the game’s
been tainted, as if it hadn’t been for the past few years when these
rumors started to creep up. i like baseball and always will. bonds
probably uses but that doesnt take away from the fact that the guy hits
.375 and gets on 60% of the time. roids dont do that to you, good
hand-eye does. yeah he gets a lot of the walks because he can hit the
ball forever, but that doensnt diminsh the mans skill at putting the
ball in play. even when he wasnt a user he was putting up decent
numbers 35-40 HR in the early 90s when 40 was a magic number for HR

superbowl prediction: steelers 19 – eagles 14

your cognizant,


Author: thephonewasmadeofjelly

reviving xanga thru wordpress (2002-the present).

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  1. Steve,I never liked Bonds. He’s always been a jerk. I’ve always rooted for the good guys in sports i.e. Cal Ripken, Tim Duncan, Chris Chelios, Joey Harrington, Chris Paul. I personally think it’s a little naive to believe that steroids weren’t responsible for those records. Good hand-eye allows him to hit the ball, but the steroids help him to get it out of the park.
    As for the Coheed thing, I can always tell when I’m hearing a song from the first album and when it’s one from the second album. I never like it when bands I listen to go for catchiness over substance either, so I definately understand where you coming from.
    Super Bowl prediction: Patriots 26 – Falcons 10
    It’s not that I think the Falcons are really that good, but the Eagles are incapable of making it to the Super Bowl. TO or not. I’d like to see Seattle make it because they were my preseason pick out of the NFC or the Packers, that Favre may have one last chance, but idealism such as that is out of place when not focused on my own teams.
    Furthermore, I also empathize with your basketball agony. Your Pacers are without their best three players for long stretches of the season and my Hornets are also without their best three players for long stretches of the season. That coupled with their being moved to the Western conference just adds up to all kinds of unfair.


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