how awesome was it that its december and nearly 60 degrees outside today?

i have declared that the second best way to eat ice cream is to get a
box of neapolitan and take equal amounts of chocolate, vanilla, and
strawberry and mush them together until it has the consistencey of soft
serve. carina calls this making “soup”. the first best way to eat it is
to go to dotties and get chocolate with chocolate sprinkles.
i win.


Author: thephonewasmadeofjelly

reviving xanga thru wordpress (2002-the present).

5 thoughts on “”

  1. i like nice things. like nice weather.
    thephonewasmadeofjelly has chosen not to display profile pics next to comments
    are you one of those “the” xanga subscribers? that is sooooo 2 years ago. Maybe i’ll change my name to theAztecsAndincAs. Allah will bless you if you give him good tidings and bloody cookies.


  2. yeah.  it was a really nice day.  i tried to take advantage of it and use it to take pictures.  i tried to do the same today, but it started raining


  3. cool site, cool pic (including profile pic), cool xang name! Way Cool… 2 props!  could have given u more props, but hey, kinda limited here .. take care


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