:: we look back and forth just waiting for a phone call ::

i turn this song on and my mind instantly jumps to 1999
(december).  i’m back in my dormroom, 622 VanR. depressed and sad,
but back then i loved my sadness, so i was in good company. thrown into
a world full of confusion
and despair, regret was everywhere. what could i have done to keep this
situation from being what it has become?  oh to be 19 and
o-so-immature again….

i did find love at 22.

i’m only human, got no other reason….


Author: thephonewasmadeofjelly

reviving xanga thru wordpress (2002-the present).

4 thoughts on “”

  1. Good-by is spelled wrong. Intentional or not, there’s no excuse for bad spelling.
    So I guess your precious team is that much closer to securing homefield advantage. But they still have to play the Ravens and the Bills, two teams desperately looking to get in. Though, it’s better than losing to the Dolphins.


  2. waaaaaaaaaaaa that last comment reminded me…losing to the dolphins….i keep trying to forget, to tell myself that it didnt really happen, that brady just let himself be sacked, that we didnt blow a lead at the last minute…thus far my delusion has not altered the truth.
    it sucks.
    and in regards to the actual post, i want to find love at 22. but this far my prospects do not look good. and that sucks too.


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