:: these are the nights when nothing’s gonna break me more ::

             “ep nights”
has probably overtaken “i drive a lot” as my favorite starflyer song.
drowning myself in the few starflyer mp3s i had on my computer 5 years
ago helped me get thru some tough times. this song reminds me of the
difficulties of life, the down periods and ultimately, triumph.

speaking of starflyer, the new album will be out in april, i believe,
and will be called talking voice vs singing voice. the album was
supposed to be released about a month ago but for whatever reason was
pushed back til the spring. i wonder how many albums jason martin has
left in him. a lot, i hope.

loosely affiliated with starflyer is the party people. i found out
about them almost 2 years ago, when at the skoolhouse in harrisburg, i
bought a SF cd and tshirt and jeff cloud handed me the party people ep.
i didnt think much of it and figured it was yet another sf ep. a few
weeks later i looked at it again and realized it was a completely
different band – and was i blown away…. good stuff. anyways, they
have an lp coming out soon. (finally).



Author: thephonewasmadeofjelly

reviving xanga thru wordpress (2002-the present).

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