: the ides of march ::

            i have iritis
in my eye. it is kind of an enigma inflamation of the iris/eyeball.
sometimes it happens for no reason at all. other times it happens as a
symptom of something more serious – lupus or rheumatory arthritis to
name a few. the opthamologist gave me some eye drops and 8 hours later
i’m already feeling better. later this week i go in for blood work to
find out if i have any of those serious and completely sucky chronic
diseases. let’s hope not.

see you later february. you won’t be missed.



:: ER ::

       hit up the emergency room at 4am on
saturday morning. woke up with stabbing pains in my eye and it was
tearing like a faucet. they had no idea what was wrong with me so they
gave me some expensive eye drops and told me to see a specialist this
week. finally got to bed at 830am. it was a good time.

          the hotness
came to see me about 1230 saturday afternoon and drove me around
because i am now blinded the mere exposure to sunlight. i have to wear
sunglasses everywhere. even in my room when the lights are out – when
i’m looking at my computer.

 those fears were eased by the mercedes pimp sunglasses zach gave me.