only the most amazing music video ever!


friday is the new saturday.
quiet is the new loud.
gay is the new straight.
myspace is the new xanga.

lydia received this in her myspace inbox to-day.
we found it quite humourous.




Oct 16, 2005 8:45 PM
Flag spam/abuse. [ ? ]

Subject: hey lydia
whats up girl,my name is dylan,i read your profile and i am very
impressed i like a girl who can handle a stick…lol…bet ya haven’t
heard that before;)…relax i was j/j….but really i did like your
profile i would like to be computer buddies if it’s kewl with u….ck
out my profile and hit me back…..p.s. i forgot to tell u, u r a
hottie….yea i know u probably heard that before too….but i had to
say it…sorry i couldn’t help myself,,,i have impulsive honesty
disorder….it sounded good….peace out…holla