we went to the mountains to-day.
we ate amazing donuts.
we took photographs.
to-day was a good day.
i leave friday<?>


Author: thephonewasmadeofjelly

reviving xanga thru wordpress (2002-the present).

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  1. that actually happened last night.  It was a rough night….a rough situation.My sister helped me a lot too in early september.  She’s 24 though.
    yes…i know all those routes.  I enjoy taking other routes though to get places.  Better views and less trafic.  76 is a nightmare.  pretty much all the time.  i’ve been here 3 years. 
    what is your story?


  2. it is about 5 minutes past the museum, on kelly drive.  i do not know if you know where that is?  i like the seclusion of it from the city…yet its closness.  I like the river.  it makes for good walks.   I would eventually like to live in center city.  perhaps this summer…when i move. 
    i loved what you wrote.  it is uncanny how similar our situations are.  it hurt me to read some of it, because i could really feel how you felt.  but, somhow, i found it comforting.  it is amazing to see how much more in touch with God we can become, when we are truly broken.  i liked your thoughts on learning to love…and also of the language that we use when our hearts are not where the ought to be.  It is honestly nice to talk to you.  I appologize if that sounds odd. 


  3. oh chinatown chinatown!  haa. 
    liberti…i have never been there.  I go to a church called “storehouse.”  it too has an amazing sense of community and accountablilty.  It’s nice that you are able to go to the same Church where she is at.  I take it you two are still friends?  eric doesn’t speak to me anymore.  Last time he did…the only thing he managed to say, was that our lives are better apart. 


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