wake up early (530 local time –  730 eastern) for the breakfast queen to-morrow.

yes there is a breakfast king and queen in denver. they are not related.

bowling scores of the night: 119, 156, 132, 125, 125.



Author: thephonewasmadeofjelly

reviving xanga thru wordpress (2002-the present).

5 thoughts on “”

  1. terrible?  boy….you REALLY don’t want to bowl with me then.  I don’t think I ever had a score that high before.  you saw napoleon d…you know the scene with kip…yep….that’s me…in a nutshell.
    there is a dinner we like in manayunk.  that’s where we go.  have fun at the queen!


  2. It seems like there are a lot of these ‘PA things.’ I’m trying to be open minded about it all, I even tried a red beet egg once.
    Now, all you guys’ varieties of bologna, that is something I could get used to.


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