:: we pwned you unc!!!! ::

sadly the hoosiers’ season ended yesterday with
a 5-0 loss to wake forest. but oh man, what a game saturday. it was
worth the 15 hours of driving to and from north carolina. the biggest
drag about the trip was that i was given a media pass to photograph the
game from the sidelines and i had some moronic work study kid from wake
forest hawking me all day telling me where i could and couldn’t stand
during the game. i wanted to just say ‘f- you’ everytime he bothered
me. either way, he didn’t ruin my day.

lyd comes off the field after scoring the first goal of the game.

morgan takes down some unc biatch as the closing seconds wind down.

scoreboard! scoreboard!


Author: thephonewasmadeofjelly

reviving xanga thru wordpress (2002-the present).

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  1. I know the grace of Christ.  He saved me from the pit of hell by his grace.  I would have continued to sin except for the Holy Spirit pulling me from my corruption.
    But, when we are saved we are given a new nature.  We don’t go out and murder people with no remorse and call ourselves Christians.  Perhaps in the future he will repent and come to a true faith in Christ.  That would bring great glory to God.  But, I am just calling it like it is and judging a brother in Christ who is not showing evidence of salvation…….which 1 corinthians 5 says I am supposed to do! 


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