last week me, timmy j, a + t, and pete traveled to NE Phila to view a screening of the documentary Invisible Children.
i’d seen the film a handful of times already and we’ve been talking
about showing the film at church to raise not only awareness, but money
for the organization. now, not only are we going to show the film, but
we are working on including LCBC
and hopefully a few other churches in the area and possibly WCU’s
campus crusade. along with screenings the Invisible Children team is
currently touring the country promoting the global night commute which
is set to take place on april 29th (click the above banner for more
info and sign up to take part!). calvary church will be a part
of the night commute and we hope to get more churches from the area

despite the fact that i had seen the film before last week had a slightly stronger impact on me because i was able to
actually talk to people from the organization and hear their stories
about how it changed their life and how they are now changing the world
– giving up pretty much everything to cross the country speaking and
showing the film along with actually going to Uganda and getting
involved (and these kids are all between 19 and 27). i asked about what
it woud take to get over to Uganda to not only do aid work but to make
photographs that can be a powerful influence when shown back in the
states. the group doesn’t organize trips any longer, so he said i’d be
going solo but they would connect me with their friends in northern
Uganda and i’d be able to go from there… i’m hoping this could all
come to-gether by the late fall or winter this year (once i was able to
raise/save enough money to make the trip and spend significant time
over there.)

so life is exciting and things are happening. we are going to change the world. literally.