:: vernal equnioxes, moonrises over the freeway, big trucks and minnesota in my sights ::

trip down the pennsylvania turnpike was quicker than normal. or at
least it seemed to be. one hour and fifty-seven minutes from exit one
hundred forty-six to parked. the moon began edging its way over the
horizon at about 3am. it was barely visible and it was extremely
crescent shaped. i stared at it until it grew brighter and brighter. i
thought of the ditty bops and equally good music.

about long drives late at night are bizarrely therapeutic – in this odd
melancholy sort of way. everything becomes increasingly introspective
and retrospective and you’re quickly driving thru your own miniature
biography. the music that crackles out of the speakers becomes your own
personal soundtrack…

there was a night when pedro played that
soundtrack and i couldn’t control anything, not even the volume. i was
stuffed in the backseat, on my way to a diner that i didn’t want to go
to with people i didn’t want to be with. there was that
loaf-of-bread-sized lump sitting right between both of my lungs and i
couldn’t swallow it. my one small victory that night was smashing
everyone in rummy five-hundred. no-one seemed to care. i was the
amusing afterthought.

summer closes in on itself in just two
days and in the spirit of symbolism i will celebrate the death of our
greatest season by galavanting thru the midwest one final time. friday:
chicago. saturday and sunday: iowa and minnesota (accompanied by dana
and becca). monday could take me to nebraska and colorado. a short stay
in denver would be hi-lighted by trips to paris on the platte and my
brother’s bar with zach, jp, tbone, lu, adam and karen, and i can’t
forget foz. st. louis is a target for the return trip and i couldn’t
call it a trip thru the midwest without dropping by in bloomington,
indiana; the birthplace of all my midwestern adventures of the past

soon i’ll be walking thru doors that i’m uncertain i want to be walking thru. last night jon b said that those really
are my doors and they offer me the best opportunity to continue doing
what i was built to do. maybe even minnesota and its giant windmills
will tell me the same thing. but in case they don’t i’ll bring my ring
pops and sweat pants.


Author: thephonewasmadeofjelly

reviving xanga thru wordpress (2002-the present).

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  1. I don’t need to tell you this, but please take many pictures (I’d like to see those windmills). I’m a bit envious because I would very much like to take a road trip but I don’t have anyone to visit out west, nor do I have any vacation days at work (even though my check mistakenly says 80 vacation hours remaining).


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