do you remember myspace?

i think about all the days gone by when i was so seriously focused on being a photographer. how did i ever think i was cut out for that to be my job? it is not me. even on the days when i did it, it was more or less pretty miserable. the band shoots were fun, as were some of those fashion thingys. but the small talk & the pretense that abounded on so many of the assignments were enough to kill a person slowly. i do not miss that. not one bit. i hated pretending something was beautiful when it was not. or saying a location was good when it was not. i suppose that was typically trying to make the best of a bad situation, but i did not have the skill to transcend those situations. i made the same boring photograph that any other old schlep with a camera would have.

i remember living in pittsburgh and being surrounded by so called artists on the south side. these were people who had no training, no skill and no apprenticeship. they just wanted to paint or draw or whatever all day, so they did, and they complained about not having work or the ability to pay bills. and i wondered constantly if this was me too. i think it was, but it was really hard to say; even now. i think had i seriously considered photography as a profession, it wouldn’t have been as a photographer but as a printer. man, i was a good printer.


9 years since B-town

9 years ago, today me and dad set out for bloomington in my VW. we left pittsburgh that afternoon, got stuck on the liberty bridge/tunnel as we left the city. earlier that morning, i photographed douglass dick for pittsburgh magazine and i left my coffee cup on the hostess desk. they called me to let me know i forgot it, but i never went back and got it. i wonder what happened to it. once we got into west virginia, we cruised & kept pace with a silver chrysler 300. man, we were moving…

the weather that day… the weather!!!! it was as perfect as it could be, especially for late march. low 70s, sunny.

how do nine years just pass on by with barely a notice?

Singularly focuses


A month or so ago, I started listening to Glenn Beck on the radio. I don’t know why, but I do, but i don’t, but i do… yada yada. It’s certainly an entertaining show, despite the fact that most of what they say is so disagreeable to me. And I think that’s why I like it. My ego is fed. “oh, at least I am not like that Publican”, said the Pharisee. And that is me.

Weather, Drywall, 9 years since Pittsburgh

This week’s weather was about as perfect as it gets. 72-76 almost all week and in early March!!! Death to winter.

We’re doing this drywall job right down the street for Reimagine. I found my name written on the wall from years and years ago. At least it looks just how I write in cursive. Of course it could be another David S Jr, but how does it look so similar if it’s not mine?!

This warm weather reminds me of when I moved to Pittsburgh. The first few weeks were cold and dark, but then the temperatures soared in March (and plunged in April; the first Thursday in April, I went to Michael’s pizza bar with Ben Hardt and it snowed). It was so gorgeous the day i shot Douglass Dick in Sharpsburg for the best Restaurants issue. I left my to go mug there and forgot to go back and get it. I can’t imagine the photos were any good because i was going for that Chris Crisman/Dave Hill over-lit thing back then, but man, what a day. Later that day, me and dad headed to Bloomington to see lyd. It was perfect driving weather.

Glenn Beck is a new thought project for me.

I’ve been listening to Glenn Beck for a few weeks now, first out of nostalgia, and now out of utter fascination. A few things in relation to yesterday’s show.

– Beck is opposing Trump’s idea that we need higher tariffs on imports from Mexico & China. He is saying that prices will sky rocket at places like Target & Walmart. That may be true, but why do we need that junk to begin with? Why can’t we be content with the things we have and take care of them? The real problem here, is something that Trump has tapped into, at least in theory: he understands that the outsourcing of jobs to foreign countries has decimated the working class. Jobs that used to be American and provide stability for people no longer exist. They’re done overseas for basically nothing. This raises two issues: sweatshop labor & the increasing polarity in the United States. They are correlated. However, people like Beck care not at all for the working class. I spent years listening to “Conservative” talk radio and the amount of contempt for the poor pitched there is astonishing. There’s this thin-line idea that runs thru Randian capitalism that idolizes the rich, the corporate; and the very people they enslave seem to love them the most. Or at least, a size-able portion of them. I’ve heard guys who make very little money defend the corporations that exploit them for the sake of “innovation & American creativity & progress”. WUT?

-Beck’s obsession with Cruz’ so called constitutionalism has more to do with Mormon prophecy than probably anything else. Joseph Smith made a prophecy that Mormons would need someone to re-establish the American constitution someday. Beck very clearly sees himself as instrumental in this prophecy fulfillment. If you didn’t know anything about Smith (and I really don’t but happened across that the other day) you wouldn’t know this. You might just say that Beck is just being a good conservative American. But he’s not, and neither is Rush, Hannity or any of the rest. They have been shills for the establishment for decades now (I found an old blog from 2004 calling Rush a Bush-bot, yammering on his decades old mantra: Republicans good; Democrats bad). What’s ironic is that they’ve been so instrumental in establishing the establishment and now they’re doing a talk-radio-about-face using the hot political buzzword for their own gain while at the same time saying nothing other than the same old thing. It absolutely kills me that Cruz is somehow anti-establishment when he has strong Monstano ties. Okay, so maybe he’s not the old school Republican, but geeze. He plays by the same game.

The end.

Bringing Xanga Back ; Glenn Beck is Utopian

I spent several hours the other day importing my old xanga to here. I don’t know why I care, but I want to save all those old scribbles.


I have been no fan of the Republican party for a long time (despite being registered as one). I listen to Glenn Beck basically to know what NOT to agree with. I think what is most bothersome is his utopian vision. Everything is hanging in the balance of this election and the one before that and that and that and on and on. But what happens when this Mormon Utopia doesn’t come to pass? And what would happen if it did? It wouldn’t stay that way for long. All things change (–Billy Corgan c.2005). And why does each political entity (Left & Right) want to force its own way upon others who don’t want what they want? I fail to see how a “Christian America” (a nonsensical idea in reality) ¬†would be embraced by all peoples. Shouldn’t those who don’t want that have a say in not having it?