Weather, Drywall, 9 years since Pittsburgh

This week’s weather was about as perfect as it gets. 72-76 almost all week and in early March!!! Death to winter.

We’re doing this drywall job right down the street for Reimagine. I found my name written on the wall from years and years ago. At least it looks just how I write in cursive. Of course it could be another David S Jr, but how does it look so similar if it’s not mine?!

This warm weather reminds me of when I moved to Pittsburgh. The first few weeks were cold and dark, but then the temperatures soared in March (and plunged in April; the first Thursday in April, I went to Michael’s pizza bar with Ben Hardt and it snowed). It was so gorgeous the day i shot Douglass Dick in Sharpsburg for the best Restaurants issue. I left my to go mug there and forgot to go back and get it. I can’t imagine the photos were any good because i was going for that Chris Crisman/Dave Hill over-lit thing back then, but man, what a day. Later that day, me and dad headed to Bloomington to see lyd. It was perfect driving weather.


Author: thephonewasmadeofjelly

reviving xanga thru wordpress (2002-the present).

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