7 years ago


I was embarking on a trip into the midwest to photograph farmers on industrial farms in Illinois. Wow. I didn’t have an iPhone then (praise God) and I navigated the midwest quite fine.

That was a grand trip. The weather was a blanket of grey. And it was perfect. I think I stopped in Pittsburgh on the way back? I can’t remember. My memory is no longer as precise as it used to be.

Today, things are so different. The idea of taking photos for a living literally makes me feel sick. I still love to take photos, but as a job… oh my. No way. I’m gonna go paint some baseboard in a retirement community today up in Mount Joy. Then i’ll go over to Old Philly Pike and paint a kitchen and make sure the cabinets are all taken care of. The couple is a nice older couple who are about to sell their house and move to New England. They know the Bittermans (they live across the way).

We have a 16-month old. And my goodness, do i love her!


Life is better when you’re not full of arrogance thinking you’re the absolute best at something (photography) and that you deserve to be compensated richly for it. I prefer my blue-collar present to my attempted white-collar past.


Author: thephonewasmadeofjelly

reviving xanga thru wordpress (2002-the present).

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