instagram, tools, black and white photography.

i have pretty much removed all social media from my phone. it’s a slow process that i started a few years ago when i read the book: the shallows. after years of using technology the way we do, it’s hard to make those changes, but some of them may actually be necessary in our salvation. watchfulness is an essential matter in salvation, and digital culture takes us away from that (this includes things preceding the internet, like tv!). i do like to look back on things i posted on instagram years ago, and recently i’ve found an interest in trying to make a photo or two in black and white and post it, but use some actual self control and not spend all day scrolling thru other people’s photos or checking my “hearts” (who cares about that, really?! i do, but why? the book the shallows explains that; essentially, hearts and likes tap into our reward mechanisms that developed to allow us to evolve and survive over so many hundreds of thousands of years and it becomes addictive even though we don’t need them to survive, though digital detox may make us feel like we wont!).

i only check facebook in the mornings from my laptop and maybe once in the evening. it is a helpful discipline. not a lot of good things go on on facebook anyways, so why spend so much time arguing about clinton or trump (barf and barf!)?

this photo was from yesterday (edited on snapseed. i think that’s the best iphone photo app for b&w) and i love this little screwdriver that i found in a toolbox i got from bill stoner about two years ago. i wish it was shot on a 4×5, but i don’t have one and i may never. you also can’t realistically take 4x5s on a drywall or paint job every day.



Author: thephonewasmadeofjelly

reviving xanga thru wordpress (2002-the present).

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