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Gleaner’s hasn’t changed one bit. The same pleasant barista works there as in 2009 and she is still just as pleasant. There is still no wifi. And everyone still knows everyone. In an enormous city full of constant change, the mundane consistency here is a magnificent reprieve. I think this is my favorite coffee shop ever.



I did some painting yesterday in an apartment I drywalled with my dad in the summer of 2010. The stocking of the drywall was an impressive feat. Because of union regulations, the delivery guys were not allowed to go up any stairs. So, he craned that drywall up three stories and thru the window with just a little remote control. I took those photos on my iPhone 3! I got a bunch of paint at C&R Building Supply for way less than you’d get it anywhere else. $54 for Aura Bath & Spa? Insane.

Philadelphia has changed so much since I moved away in 2012. I barely recognize the place. My old neighborhood on the edge of the Italian Market is crammed with cars (I almost never parked anywhere but on my block back then) and new things keep being built. If you can’t go sideways, go up.

I am only writing these things today because I am home sick. This is the second sickness I have had in the last 6 weeks. I hate missing the Divine Liturgy. Because of being sick and taking Callie to the hospital on a Sunday, I have missed 3 this year. That is more than I’ve probably missed in the last 2 years total. It is painful to be away from those glories that show themselves on earth.

Lent begins in two weeks. It is always so difficult transitioning from non-fasting to fasting. But it is worth the great struggle without which we cannot be purified and in the end, saved. Glory to God for his Church.



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