so, steve. it’s a shame things are like they are… this cold weather and all. it’s spring, you know and i have not heard from lily in months!

that’s all.



new authors to begin reading: ambrose bierce. flannery o’connor. sometimes xanga likes me. most times it does not. my x key doesnt work that well and i often have to push it a few times until something shows up on my monitor. the current music is october’s anthem by mack the coffee man. are you gonna be at the show on april 20? i believe i will be. it’s a tuesday i know, but mitch, we’re tuesday people.

it doesn’t rain on tuesdays.


what an insane movie. germans in leather pants. germans are odd. my last name is german although im not. im austrian, and czech. tuesday will be the day i complete my 181st credit. i am then finished my coursework. will you join me at the sr thesis show at the nexus gallery on 4 june 2004? i hope to see you there. la la la. ya ya ya.

do college seniors send out graduation announcments like in HighSchkool? (old skool!).