color photos are different than black and white photos. black and white photos rarely have much black and white in them. they are usually hundreds of shades of grey.

earl grey.



my comments yesterday probably sounded communistic. i do not advocate communism at all. those who farm have just as much “ability” to make their fortune as those who entertain; although those who are born rich are more likely to remain rich. regardless, it was simply a post on the idiocy of the mass public to put such weight on such worthless people.

i am guilty too. my entertainment is sports. during a game, i put more stock in a reggie miller 3 pointer than most things that bear much more importance; like my family.



why do people who entertain us become more important than those who produce our necessities? last summer i worked on a photo shoot for cyndi lauper. she was very arrogant, as if she was important. think about it – how important is cyndi lauper to society? she’s not. at her best she was someone who made a lot of money cause she could produce music people liked. liked is the key word.

now, take a farmer. he produces something people need. yet to people like cyndi lauper, the famer is a no one, even though without him she could not even live. she lives in midtown manhattan complaining about not having enough starbucks coffee on a photo shoot, while the farmer struggles to get by. it’s ridiculous that the mass public make people like her important when in reality she does nothing for them; especially when the people who do struggle every single day of their lives.

and the baseball season begins. pirates will do nothing yet i will still cheer them on. in honor of my hatred for the yankees i will cheer for the redsox by default as well. i am not jumping ship, i just despise everything new york so i must then in turn cheer for their most hated rival. my only joy this baseball season will be seeing them take down the boss and his 190$M payroll.

new york sucks!