snow is stoopid.



what an insane movie. germans in leather pants. germans are odd. my last name is german although im not. im austrian, and czech. tuesday will be the day i complete my 181st credit. i am then finished my coursework. will you join me at the sr thesis show at the nexus gallery on 4 june 2004? i hope to see you there. la la la. ya ya ya.

do college seniors send out graduation announcments like in HighSchkool? (old skool!).


i had a graphic on almost every post last week. i bet that tired your modems out. if you have modems. modems? that’s a funny word. it was a year ago last night that i lost jeremy’s skateboard in baltimore harbor. that was fun and my flim was underdeveloped with kodak changing it’s tri-x development times and all. crazy kodak –  that’s why i prefer ilford, but i’ve always had a special place in my heart for 35mm tri-x. i just love it. so coarse and brash.

last night we watched the last crusade and today we watched back to the future II. i fell asleep today though. the pastor of the church i grew up in is retiring. it’s kinda sad even though i haven’t gone there in 3 yrs. i’m gonna be 24 this year – i can still remember my first day of church there too. that was in 1990.