the line that’s impossible to understand in El Scorcho: watching grunge leg drop new jack thru a press table…

neighbor josh always wins at monopoly. i’ve played with him 4 times. he’s 4-0. we always play with at least 3 people and if we’re in the mood for a really long game then we go with 4. i qualified for the canadian national championship of monopoly but alas, i am not truly canadian. now i have to wait til 2007 til the US championships come around again.

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began a collection of flannery o’connor short stories today. it took me forever to pick out which book to buy at the borders on chestnut and broad. they also have sarah moon’s Coincidences – a book someone can buy me if they’re feeling generous. definately one of my favorite photography books.

pandora tomorrow is a fantastic game. i suppose it was worth the $53. i’m afraid i’ll beat it too quickly. i am on level 5 already – although there are 17 levels. i don’tplay video games much, but when i do play them, i obsess with them.

does anyone else listen to and love “the books” as much as i do? website here: and it’s pretty fun.

while carina was doing homework tonight, i was laying on her unbelievably comfortable bed and my mind drifted to thoughts deeper than those of xbox games and hunger pains. not that any of these thoughts are anything that have not been thought before, but to me they were quite intriguing. i was looking at my hand and i realized that my hand works right now, but there will be a time when my hand will begin to stop working and then it will one day work no more. it’s funny how life is – we are here, now, and the time we have is very small compared to the existence of non living things (earth rock water, etc). our time is brief, and in this brevity, i am alive right now. it’s odd cause the so called odds of me being alive in the “grand” scheme are very small. (23 of at least several thousand years – perhaps more). that’s a very small number and small percentage. i suppose that is probably not at all a logical way of conducting odds, but odds are, there are more dead people than alive ones. this probably all is nonsense to all you logicians (ie. Jay), but for me it makes sense. maybe all of this thinking will take me further down the road that says an examined life is one worth living (socrates – but not in his words). so being where i am (philadelphia) and where i will go (unsure – but interestingly enough i was telling carina a few months ago how i’d never have any desire to go to africa or the “3rd world” but at church on sunday after a message by the president of a non-profit (an organization like Compassion – but a different one i can’t remember the name of) made me think that i shouldn’t be so selfish becuase after all i have alot compared to most people who live on the earth). so maybe someday i will be wiring you photos from africa, but maybe not. maybe they will come from somewhere else, philadelphia or lancaster, perhaps, but let’s at least now that i know that thinking is fun.



24 dollars is not a mere matter.

alas, good friends! spring is here and the jolly weather will be upon us by week’s end! farewell to that dark mistress called winter. she is an evil wench and we will not be tortured by her for nine glorious months. her wicked snares are no match for the vernal equinox. witch, take your open sleigh and ride it back north and into oblivion!

warm weather, we embrace you. you are good and kind and bring much plenty. before we know it the apple trees will be bursting with large red fruit, strawberries will spring from the ground and all will be well in our land. the witch has been chased away by the sun and you are once again welcome in our land.

new authors to begin reading: ambrose bierce. flannery o’connor. sometimes xanga likes me. most times it does not. my x key doesnt work that well and i often have to push it a few times until something shows up on my monitor. the current music is october’s anthem by mack the coffee man. are you gonna be at the show on april 20? i believe i will be. it’s a tuesday i know, but mitch, we’re tuesday people.

it doesn’t rain on tuesdays.