i love his work. if mine was that good then i’d be happy. just give me time to work it out… school’s not helping me.

regardless, i’m photographing the suburban sound on leap day. ( they want good photos. theyre going to get them. and they’ll love them. maybe all this time i should have worked on a better commercial portfolio.

relient k used to be good.

i’m not so upset about photography anymore. i was just having a bad attitude.there are more things in my life to be thankful for than to be pissed off at. so i may not be a good photographer. that’s ok though cause there are other ways to make money and pay the bills.

ijust drank soda.

there’s somoene elses holga on my desk.

my eyes hurt. hirt. hert.


i don’t like it when i eat too much. i do that kinda often. food tastes so good soemtimes. and i just want to eat and eat til i explode. that is being hedonistic though. it is easy to worship food.

last winter was much more exciting than this one. we went to lots of shows and had icecream socials at 3630. i find myself being prudish and staying inside rather than going out simply because it is cold. i know im getting old but c’mon.

i like my girlfriend. alot.

was off the bean for 5 days. i could tell a difference. i had only a few cups the past two days. i’ve also given up homestarruner. it was a nice run and all, but my desire to see that site on a weekly basis have all but gone away.

    “it’s been a weel pweasure!”