Aaron Penguins moved to Pgh  🐧 

But we got to see him a few times before that. What an interesting  friendship this was. We met at Fox and Hound during the 2010 playoffs vs Ottawa. And then we stayed friends! How unusual and wonderful. 


Callie turns 2 ; Coe camera closes 

Peanut is 2 today. 

Today is the first day that Coe camera on north prince street in Lancaster won’t be open in over 70 years. Some new developer bought the building and is subdividing it and raising the rent, so the owner closed it and moved the biz to suburban hell. Speaking of suburban hell – that’s what Lancaster city is becoming now. A giant suburb in an urbanized context. Barf. 

10 years post-pittsburgh


South 18th Street; It winds up to the Slopes. The weather is gritty and grainy and black and white, just like this 3200 speed film. Tromp, tromp, tromp. Up the hill. There was an apartment up there for cheap. A one bedroom was $325. The same landlord had another on the Flats for $450. That’s a lot more, but there’s a place to park the GTI. There is no parking on the Slopes. The city was not made for cars and neither was man.

This was January 2007. Ten years pass like a blink, but not those first few weeks in the cold, grey city. The days eeked by and the cold wind passed through the window sills. If you looked just right, you could see straight to the grey outside. There is nothing but grey here. Where is the color? The bridges are yellow, but they too look grey. There is ice and dirt all over. Small little piles on Carey way make it hard to park. So we slide the car sideways. It is now flush with the curb. Coffee is hot and cheap down the street at the Beehive. It’s even warm inside and the incandescent light squeezes out some yellow warmth into the grey air. Everyone has tattoos and wears black. It is a deep black, deeper than zone 3. There are no details in the shadows. The film hasn’t been developed enough.